SmartBolts are tension indicating fasteners that ensure proper clamp force is acheived at installation and maintained over time. Each SmartBolt features a visual indicator that changes color to measure and display tension in real time. Tension creates the clamp force that keeps a bolted joint secure.

One of the industries we can assist with is Infrastructure. Infrastructure involves an immense variety of structures and facilities. The tallest skyscrapers, the largest dams, the busiest seaports, the most advanced facilities – these all rely on bolted connections to remain functional and support our forward progress. SmartBolts provide the highest assurance of bolted joint security and keeps infrastructure resilient and reliable.

Lighting fixtures in runways, taxiways, and other in-pavement locations are critical to the safe operation of planes and machinery at airports. If these fixtures become loose they can create dangerous safety conditions while planes are in-flight, landing, or taxiing on the runway.

However, maintenance of runway lights is difficult due to their location in high-traffic areas. SmartBolt DTI provides visual feedback that these light fixtures are properly secured and immediately detects if the joint assembly has been compromised - leading to more efficient maintenance, less downtime, and a safer airport.

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