Looking to reduce real maintenance time, down time and costs? Safety Bolts could be the solution you're looking for.

We can help you simplify the shutdown process and ensure correct tnesion instead of reliance on torque charts.


What are SafetyBolts?

SafetyBolts are speciality fasteners with a built-in visual indicator that shows the tension developed as the bolt is installed. The indicator gradually darkens from bright red to black as the fastener is sufficiently tensioned. 

The DTI Visual Indication System™ continuously measures and displays tension information. From loose to tight and back again, the system is reliable and repeatable through countless cycles of operation. It is compatible with a wide range of fastener types, and we can adapt it to fasteners of nearly every available grade, finish, and coating. SafetyBolts are designed for use in all critical bolted joints. 

The benefits of SafetyBolts:

  1. Safety
    “Know at a glance it’s tight” enables you to visually maintain and safely assess all critical joints, knowing the tension is correct and the bolts are fit for purpose.
  2. Save on Design
    Working with our engineering team, we can work with you on your product design, which can mean less of everything:    
  • Number of fasteners
  • Strength of fasteners
  • Diameter of drilled openings

3. Save on Installation
SafetyBolts unique design eliminates the need for special tooling or wiring during installation. Simply tighten the bolt using the visual indication tool until the correct colour is displayed – Job done!!

4. Save on maintenance.
Visual indication is safer and saves time and money.
Maintenance personnel can simply visually check the bolts and where needed address the bolts requiring attention as opposed to each individual bolt. In a typical two week maintenance cycle on an inspection of 1,000 fasteners, SafetyBolts can reduce maintenance time by upto 80% and costs in excess of 50%.


Know at a glance it’s tight!! Want more information? Click this link to contact our Safety Bolts department.