Einstein said, ‘The only source of knowledge is experience’. Fortunately for Haynes Group, Josh Westbrook, Product Development Engineer, has a wealth of experience and the knowledge that comes with it.

Josh’s 20-year career has so far spanned across Australia and the world and has included surface and underground mining including hard rock and soft rock. He’s worked on everything from drills to trucks to drivetrains, in the field and in workshops, for companies including Sandvik, Rio Tinto, and Hytorc, before joining Haynes Group in our Singleton office a year ago.

What keeps him busy at Haynes? The design and implementation of critical bolting, mostly for the company’s innovative series of bolts called SafetyBolts. “I am passionate about dispelling the myth of the torqueing gives accurate and reliable tension, and rolling out a technology that is able to ‘measure what matters’ in a faster and safer way than ever before”, shares Josh. “I also really enjoy building customer relationships on the technical side, having problems to work through and coming back to them with a solution. I’m very solution driven.” While Josh has seemingly non-stop energy at work, he certainly doesn’t slow down in his free time.

With two kids, he stays busy trying to keep their life as diverse as possible. Whether fishing, diving, bike riding, or travelling extensively, Josh and his family make a point of trying to live life on the road less travelled.