When Brigette Eldridge walks into a meeting at Haynes Group, she often lifts the vibe in the room right away. With a bright disposition and the knowledge and skill to back it up, the Haynes Group HSEQ Advisor serves as a significant asset to the business.

Brigette has been with Haynes for almost 3 years and has helped to implement significant improvements in the HSEQ function in her time with the business. In her role, she focusses on supporting health, safety, and quality assurance systems, and has project managed everything from document development to SharePoint implementation to a customised safety training program roll out.

'I sort of fell into the function', Brigette shared when asked how she got into HSEQ. 'There was a need from my previous employer, who were getting more involved in the mining industry.' She quickly learned she enjoyed working in an area where she could make a real difference to people's wellbeing, as well as use her knack for keeping track of details and organisational skills.

One of Brigette's specific focusses is on mental health. Her family and friends have dealt with some hardships in the past, meaning that she understands the importance of eliminating the stigma of reaching out for support in hard times. She has been a strong advocate for R U Ok Day each year, supporting Haynes staff across all areas and functions to take a moment to check in with each other.

You can find Brigette in Mackay working from the Haynes Mechanical workshop when she's on duty or enjoying everything the city has to offer when she's off. With her family now all living in the same place for the first time in a long time, Brigette is focused on rebuilding those relationships, and doing things like bushwalking in her spare time.