Supported by our global patent, Haynes Group has launched Pakka Jacks, our innovative heavy machinery and equipment lifting system, into the world’s second largest excavator market, the United States.

General Manager Strategy and Business Development Grant Mack stated the move is an exciting time for Pakka Jacks seeking to execute a growth strategy for the product, with the system already a leader locally.

‘Pakka Jacks is the safest heavy lifting system in the Australian market and has dominant market share locally,” Grant said.

“Given the enormous size of the US market, building up our capability and entering the US is a long-term strategy for Haynes and one that we have been planning since 2016.”

Grant added that choosing where to establish Pakka Jacks’ US base was key.

“With a large percentage of our customers being miners, we looked at the US’s main mining regions of Wyoming, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, and found that Salt Lake City ticked all of the boxes,” Grant said.

“Logistically, Salt Lake City is a natural junction, provides good transport links throughout the US and into Canada, and has strong local skills and manufacturing capabilities.”

Pakka Jacks founder and General Manager Tony Poke has also been extensively involved in the US market launch and both he and Grant have been on the ground to establish local relationships and refine strategy.

Tony states that the Pakka Jacks lifting system is like nothing else seen in US.

“It’s been a game changer in Australia, reducing downtime during servicing by up to 85 percent and cutting costs by around 70 percent,” Tony said.

“There’s no reason we can’t replicate these results for our US customers with Pakka Jacks capable of lifting not only heavy machinery weighing 2,200 tonnes, but also structures including bridges.

“But it’s not just about time and cost, it’s far safer as well.

“Rather than using cranes that suspend the load, Pakka Jacks lifts and supports machinery.”

Grant expanded on this by adding that Haynes’ Pakka Jacks strategy is long-term.

“We initially shipped over one system and have already partnered with a local manufacturer in Utah to custom build a second lifting system.”

And while Pakka Jacks is proudly an Australian innovation, Haynes always looks for opportunities to bring value to local communities and industries and has been quick to start working with local enterprises to establish and build capacity.

“We’ve not only partnered with local manufacturers for production, but also local engineering, fabrication, recruitment and marketing firms,” Grant said.

“We look forward to rolling out the Pakka Jacks heavy lifting system in the US and building our local reputation as a reliable and responsive partner of choice for local miners and contractors.”