August 2017 marks an exciting time for Haynes Group, our people and customers as we take a leap forward, plot out and communicate a clear and strong future direction for the Group.

Haynes Group Chief Executive Officer Rob Freeman said that success at Haynes is not only defined by financial achievements. 

“Success is based on solid foundations of ‘why’ we are here, ‘how’ we conduct ourselves and ‘what’ we actually do,” Rob said.

“This is our shared context, or to put it simply our Purpose.”

Developed over months of engagement with customers and colleagues across the business, the Haynes ‘why’ is powerfully expressed as simplicity through fearless innovation.

“Defining a strong ‘why’ puts it front and centre of everyone’s mind, every day,” Rob said.

”Defining ‘how’ we approach our Purpose is equally important.

“I believe that the world we live in is constantly changing and this will always be.

“Rather than being naturally negative to change and its impact, we flip this on its head and foresee the benefits of change and bring them to life.

“Haynes’ ability to not only master change, but embrace it, will be the key to living our Purpose of simplicity through fearless innovation.”

Rob said that the third essential cornerstone of Haynes' new Purpose is defining ‘what’ we do.

“Our ‘what’ we do is deliberately solutions focussed,” Rob said.

“Given the broad range of services we provide, defining ‘what’ we do isn’t about a specific product or service, it is about communicating what value we bring.

“And that value is providing responsive solutions to industry needs.

“This is what we do across all of our businesses whether it be labour hire, mechanical, AustChrome, Pakka Jacks, crane hire or auto glass; our value is always the same.”

Rob believes that the motivation to refresh the Haynes brand came from a desire to capture and communicate a clear Purpose for Haynes.

“For me, the opportunity to refresh our brand is not just about developing a new visual identity for Haynes, it’s about defining why and how we work the way we do, and what we do in terms of the value we provide our customers,” Rob said.

“It’s definitely what makes me walk through the doors every morning.”