Labour Hire and Recruitment can be a time consuming and costly experience in the current market. Taking into consideration the global pandemic we are experiencing, face to face recruiting can be challenging for all concerned.

Below are 5 benefits using a labour hire and recruitment agency will have on your business:

  1. Cost Reduction: Save money for your business on advertising, payroll taxes, workers compensation or insurances.
  2. Save Time: Labour hire agencies will screen potential candidates for your requirements saving time sifting through all the applications for your perfect fit.
  3. Flexibility: Agencies tailor solutions specific to the clients needs for short term projects or engagements. If you do not have permanent opportunities currently available, labour hire is a great solution. Should permanent opportunities present themselves later on, you now have a full trained, inducted and experienced candidate available for employment.
  4. Local Industry Knowledge: You have the bonus of your Labour Hire company having both internal and external teams working across the local regions covering all aspects of employment opportunities, as well as longstanding relationships with local businesses.
  5. Ongoing Support: Labour Hire agencies offer site safety assessments, employer and employee relationship management, and continued contact to ensure that everything is conducted professionally and safely for all concerned.

Does this sound good? Haynes provides a number of flexible options including long and short-term contracts. We currently have these in place with many large miners, civil and building contractors, and resource and manufacturing sector clients.

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